Juankprada at Brave and Bold convention Dec. 2023

Hi, my name is Juan Camilo Prada but everybody calls me Juanka (IPA(key): /wɑːnkaˈ/) I'm a Colombian Systems Engineer, Mangaka/Comic Artitst and illustrator.

I've been drawing since I have memory, but due to life circumstances, personal choices, and a scholarship that I got at my last year of high school, I ended up studying Engineering at a local university in my hometown and graduated in 2008 as a Systems Engineer. Since then I've been working most of my time as software developer and doing some drawings and personal projects (both on art and programming) on the side.

On 2021 I got the chance to move to Japan, source of Manga, Anime and all the pop culture that I like and enjoy since I was a kid. That's when I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to dedicate more time to my passion: Manga, Comics and Illustrations.

But of course coming from my technical background I got my mind heavily influenced by all the hackers and geeks from the Free and Open Source Sofware movements on the internet. And that is why, since 2023 I've decided to move all my digital workflow to Free (Libre) and Open Source software alternatives (or as free as possible).

Right now I'm woring on my webcomic, Silver Moon Saga, which I hope to release soon as Free, professional quality Manga, created only with traditional methods (ink and paper) and Free (Libre) and Open Source Software.

Thank you for checking my website and If you want to know more about my work, check out my portfolio or read some of my articles. If you like what I do, consider following me on social networks.