Manga is my true passion. My first contact with graphic storytelling was with a Japanese Manga and ever since then, I fell in love with the medium. This is the style I enjoy drawing the most and the one I've been trying to master. Therefore here you can have a glimpse at the kind of Manga I make. 

Kimi no Shouzouga (Your Portrait)

Kimi no Shouzouga Cover

Young Souta has all that is needed to become a renown artist. You could say his talent and techniques allow him to have an easy road to success, but there is something holding him back. A year before he started at the Fine Arts Academy, an ill-fated event with Honoka Suzuki, the girl he loves, marked him forever. 

Now his career seems hampered for his lack of interest in art. That is until a stranger appears claiming to be his former love. The problem is... is she really the same girl?. Kimi no Shouzouga is a romance/drama story in the style of other popular shounen romance stories published in Japan.

Status: In Hiatus


Sample Pages

Silver Moon Saga

Silver Moon Saga Cover

Silver Moon Saga is an epic fantasy comic that tells the story of Victoria Summerwind, a young paladin apprentice, that roams the world looking for a way to fulfill her vows: Find her sister who disappeared after the event known as the Crescent Dusk, and bring the goddess of the moon back to life.

A Dungeons & Dragons inspired story, filled with action, magic and tragedy, where everybody has a plot and even the loved ones can't be trusted!

Status: In Development


Sample Pages